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Az idei WWDC sok újdonságot hozott, az iOS 13 legnagyobb látható frissítése a sötét mód, azonban számtalan aprósággal is találkozhatunk, ha mélyebben bele tekintünk a szoftverbe.

iOS 13 újdonságok 200+

A 9to5Mac-től Jeff készített egy 46 perces videót, amiben több mint 200 újdonságot mutat be az iOS 13-ból. Az első béta újdonságai között találjuk a két AirPods közötti zene megosztást, a Wi-Fi és a hotspot egyedi beállításait és valamint a Safari újdonságait is és még sok mást. Érdemes megnézni a videót, mert rengeteg apróság van, amiről még mi sem számoltunk be, és hasznos lehet majd a közeljövőben!

Görgethető, angol tartalomjegyzék:


  • Dark Mode
  • Scheduled Dark Mode
  • Eight new stock wallpapers
  • 3D Touch replaced by Haptic Touch
  • Access peek and quick actions on older devices
  • New Volume HUD interface
  • New Silent Mode interface
  • iTunes Store demoted to second page
  • Podcast app promoted to first page
  • Find My replaces Find My Friends and Find My iPhone
  • New Contacts app icon
  • New Reminders app icon
  • Shortcuts app is preinstalled
  • New rounded glyphs
  • Padded table views
  • New header buttons
  • New Card sheet interface
  • New Options Ellipsis
  • Siri Dictation within search fields
  • Smaller ‘AM/PM’ text on time


  • Personal Hotspot: Family Sharing
  • Personal Hotspot: Allow Others to Join
  • Persistent personal hotspot
  • Low Data Mode
  • Wi-Fi: Ask to Join Networks
  • Wi-Fi: Auto Join Hotspot
  • WPA3 Wi-Fi support


  • Audio Sharing with AirPods
  • New location controls to allow access to your location just once
  • Playstation 4 and Xbox One S Controller Support
  • Optimized Battery Charging


  • ScreenTime: Communication Limits
  • Combined app limits
  • One more minute


  • Accessibility promoted root Settings with icons
  • Display Accommodations is now Display & Text Size
  • Voice control – control your device with your voice

Keyboard and Input

  • Cut, copy, and paste gestures
  • Undo and redo gestures
  • QuickPath Typing
  • Cursor navigation
  • Scroll bar scrubbing
  • Text selection via tap and swipe
  • Multiselect tap with two fingers and drag
  • Intelligent selection for address, phone numbers, email address, etc.
  • 38 new keyboard languages
  • Separate emoji and globe keys
  • Memoji Stickers accessible from keyboard
  • Memoji and Animoji stickers on older devices
  • Redesigned Markup toolset
  • Install and manage Fonts
  • Full page screenshots

Share Sheet

  • Completely redesigned
  • New Share Suggestions
  • Standalone AirDrop card

Control Center

  • Dark Mode Toggle
  • Switch to specific Wi-Fi networks
  • Switch to specific Bluetooth
  • Volume shows what device you’re controlling
  • Larger Glyphs (flashlight, etc)
  • Music control shows Speakers & TVs
  • Larger Hearing icon
  • More rounded Hearing shortcut
  • Slightly tweaked Magnifier interface
  • New Voice Memos glyphs
  • New QR Code Reader icon


  • Redesigned widgets for a cleaner look
  • Show text replaced by disclosure triangle


  • New voice using advanced neural text-to-speech
  • Indian English Accent


  • Modified phone glyph with darker green
  • Updated Contacts tab glyph
  • Updated in-call screen with larger icons/updated glyphs
  • Background shows contact photo
  • Settings: Call Silencing


  • Updated Start Page
  • Siri suggested website links
  • Siri Suggestions
  • Built-in download manager
  • Page zoom
  • Website view menu
  • Per‑site settings
  • Save open tabs as bookmarks
  • Open all tabs
  • Jump to open tab from smart search
  • Haptic Touch Download Linked File
  • Photo upload size
  • Private mode
  • Settings: Downloads
  • Settings: New Tabs section
  • Settings: Settings for Websites


  • Share name and photo
  • Quickly access additional contact methods
  • Three new Animoji
  • Tons of new Memoji customizations
  • Animoji & Memoji stickers
  • Announce Messages on AirPods
  • Settings: Send & Receive Addresses Moved to the Top
  • Settings: Share Name And Photo


  • Redesigned Now-Playing interface
  • Time‑synced lyrics
  • Easily view Up Next queue
  • Updated AirPlay button
  • Smaller volume button
  • New options menu
  • Settings: Sync Library replaces iCloud Music Library


  • Larger glyphs
  • Add attachment to events


  • New Photos tab
  • Auto-playing Live Photos and videos
  • Settings: Auto-Playing video and Live Photos
  • Photos tab auto hides content
  • Redesigned editing interface
  • Adjust intensity of filters
  • Pinch to zoom while editing
  • Options relocated to upper right-hand corner
  • Auto enhance integrated within main editor
  • Vibrance
  • White Balance (Warmth & Tint)
  • Sharpen
  • Definition
  • Noise Reduction
  • Vignette
  • Review each effect individually
  • Powerful video editor
  • Video edits are non-destructive
  • Portrait Mode High-Key Mono
  • Portrait Lighting Control
  • New Options when sharing Photos
  • Combine multiple search terms


  • Redesigned Zoom button


  • Search box is shown immediately
  • Larger subject in compose view
  • New Send button
  • Updated action buttons (More, Flag, etc.)
  • More options when performing a Haptic Touch
  • New text formatting tools
  • New toolbar for inserting photos, drawings, scans and documents
  • Extended Reply menu
  • Multi-colored flags (across devices)
  • Settings: New Threading options
  • Settings: Include attachments with replies


  • Larger header text
  • New splash screen and set up for Bedtime
  • Larger stopwatch without header
  • Updated Timer interface with new circle also shows when timer will end


  • Rebuilt Maps
  • Look Around
  • Browse Nearby
  • Redesigned Favorites
  • Collections


  • Brand new app
  • Quick toolbar to add times, dates, locations, etc.
  • Smart lists automatically organized by Flagged, Scheduled, and Today
  • Add attachments to Reminders
  • Natural language input/Siri Intelligence
  • Messages integration
  • Settings: Today Notification
  • Settings: Show Reminders as Overdue


  • New gallery view
  • Shared folders
  • View-only collaboration


  • Stocks text no longer all caps
  • Edit button on main interface
  • Redesigned interface elements


  • Reading Goals
  • New Notification panel on Account page
  • Settings: Reading Goals
  • Settings: External Controls (Just like podcasts)

App Store

  • App Updates have moved
  • Bypass cellular download limit
  • New Apple Arcade tab
  • Default search text
  • Apple Watch search results
  • Subscription link moved


  • New dynamic Summary view
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking
  • Highlights
  • Dedicated Search and Browse
  • New profile page
  • New Settings panel


  • Refreshed Home app accessory controls
  • AirPlay 2 speakers in scenes and automations
  • Siri Shortcuts in automations
  • New Hubs and Bridges section in preferences


  • Rich metadata
  • External USB drive, SD card, or hard drive support
  • Create folders on the local drive and add your favorite files.
  • Connect to a file server at work or a home PC using SMB from Files.
  • Downloads folder
  • iCloud Drive folder sharing
  • Zip and unzip
  • Document Scanner

Find My

  • New app combines Find My iPhone with Find My Friends
  • Settings: Enable Offline Finding


  • Redesigned look
  • Shortcut automation that works with HomeKit


  • New relationship labels in Contacts app
  • Create Memoji right inside of Contacts


  • Search option has been removed
  • App Store links to actual App Store
  • Accessibility section promoted

Voice Memos

  • New Splash screen
  • Pinch to zoom


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